"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little"


BlockedonPoint is an online store dealing in Bedlinen, Yardages, Shawls, German Silver Jewellery, Crockery and gifting. 


The brand is headed by me, Benu Singh and the many artisans who support my passion. I grew up in a family who had art and style embedded in them. My mother, Usha carried her sarees and jewellery with panache and her table dressing was impeccable. My brother, an innate artist is a potter, painter and a blacksmith. Our father was the provider and a supporter. It was natural for me to be a part of that atmosphere growing up and have been involved with fabrics, clothing, colours, for decades. 


My husband from before I met him, was involved in exquisite home furnishings with embroideries and quilting, introducing India’s craft to the other countries of the world. Our young daughter motivated and encouraged me enough and set up social media platform to show case our range. I still reach out to her for fresh inputs. 


The journey started years ago with printing on fabrics for family and friends. Working with the artisans and the smell of colours was the beginning and the little, got me involved with complimentary products, handmade and natural, supporting local artisans. From sharing not just the range, we throw in styling tips as well, and welcome queries and suggestions.


Best Wishes,